Park&Ride Cressex Connect

Service 8

Coachway  Cressex Business Park Wycombe Hospital  Railway Station  Bus Station  Cressex Business Park  Coachway

Operates Monday to Saturday, up to every 20 minutes.

Service X8

Coachway  Railway Station  Bus Station (and return)

X8 operates on Monday to Friday mornings (0645, 0725 and 0805 hrs) from Coachway to Bus Station, and in the afternoons (1705, 1750, 1812 and 1914 hrs) from Bus Station to Coachway.

Coachway • Direct via Marlow Hill • Railway Station • Bus Station (and return)

IMPORTANT: From Monday 1st June 2020, our bus service levels increased. This affects your 8 Park&Ride Cressex Connect service. To see how your service operates, please click here.

Timetables valid from 5th January 2020

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