Here's a great idea to make parking in High Wycombe a whole lot easier, and cheaper too - park and ride.

Just park in the spacious and secure car park at Cressex and the easy-access buses will whizz you quickly into the town centre and to the rail station up to every 20 minutes Mondays to Saturdays.

It's free to park. You pay on the bus (click on the price button for further information). Just remember to keep your ticket handy to show the driver when you come back.

  buses run up to every 20 minutes  
  Mondays to Fridays  
  FIRST IN 0630
  FIRST IN 0800
  *From Rail Station  
  detailed bus times are listed here  
The Park and Ride site has now moved to a new temporary, site, whilst a new Next store is being constructed. The new site is just to the west of the former car park.